About us

Here at Birik Butik we are jewelry explorers, the world around it, the people who create it and their stories.

contemporary jewelry
Jurgita and Filippo, Co-Founders of Birik Butik

We are an independent information website of emerging and established international designers of contemporary jewelry.

Through presentations of new collections, conversations, fashion stories and editorials, we want to give broad exposure to the creations of various selected brands and independent designers. We are creating a growing network where professionals can draw on information and get in touch with each other.


Jewelry is like a perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there.


With the stories of the protagonists of the sector we want to illustrate their experience in the world of jewelry, the value of handmade pieces, as well as the creative process and personal inspirations. A true fusion of images and stories to excite, inspire or simply to tell.

Jewelry designer Maria Vittoria Paolillo
Fashion editorial with Jewelry designer Maria Vittoria Paolillo

News, reportage and backstage at various events, fairs and work trips, always told from a personal point of view, with a goal of becoming a reference in the world of contemporary and fashion jewelry.

At White Show Milano, Bijoux area, curated by us

Birik Butik is also a creative agency that offers various communication services. We create jewelry brands’ image with extreme attention to detail in order to develop a unique identity because every designer or brand for us is always a special story to tell.

To celebrate research, design and creativity in the world of jewelry, our team creates photo shoots where the protagonist is the jewel interpreted in highly fashionable and glamorous way in order to highlight its creative value, concept and role of an accessory of primary importance.

Shooting "Golden Ice" backstage
Shooting “Golden Ice” backstage

Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear.

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