Adi Lev Jewellery: Forbidden Worlds

Adi Lev

Adi Lev’s design philosophy comes from an attraction to the dark and forbidden worlds of body modification and fetishism.

As each collection evolves, so does her unique ability to expand and redefine the idea of jewelry that accentuate new areas of the mouth, nose and body by creating distinctive pieces while maintaining a fine, minimalist approach. Creating each piece by hand, Adi’s “floating” geometric forms aim to inspire a new impression of human aesthetics.


In 2014 she graduated from the prestigious Shenkar Institute in jewelry design and was chosen to be an Honorary Member at the CFDA+. Since then, her jewelry was featured in international magazines like Schön, Hope ST, Vogue and caught by stylists eyes from all over the world.

In 2015 she was one of the ten finalists that were chosen by ITS – International Talent Support, as the most promising new talent in jewelry design.

In 2016 Adi Lev was one of the laureates at the MFP2016 (Mediterranean Fashion Prize) Competition.

Collection “The Shape of Ink”


This collection draws inspiration from the world of Body Modifications. The lines of each jewel float just above the surface of the body, adding another dimension to the contour tattooed on the skin. Geometric lines define the language of this collection, forming complex three-dimensional structures whose floating quality leaves the observer wondering what holds them together, and where they meet the body. Each piece is given an oxidized finish, reflecting the dark line of a tattoo; the oxidation is then stripped away in some contours to reveal the metallic surface underneath, creating a dialogue between tattoo and jewel.

Materials used: oxidized sterling silver, diamonds, natural peacock and ostrich feathers.

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Photography credits:

Photo: Michael Topyol,  make up: Dana Kfir, hair: Shai Amoyal, model: Miss Israel 2015 & Israeli fencing champion: Avigail Alfatov

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