Focus on Fine Jewelry: White Bijoux January



The January 2018 edition of WHITE BIJOUX debuts in a new space at Superstudio, in via Tortona 27, this time with a focus on fine jewelry. The protagonists of the area, born thanks to the collaboration between WHITE and Birik Butik, are consolidated and emerging brands of the independent jewelry scene:

Atelier Makàrios is a creative studio providing a large range of sterling silver bangles carefully handcrafted. Each piece, engraved with phrases or ornaments, is made detail by detail and the ancestral savoir-faire of our craftsmen makes it’s design unique. Makàrios (from greek : blessed) is the embodiment of peace, joy and faith expressed through an accessory.

Bjørg’s conceptual approach to design is inspired by the wonders of nature, past myths and visions of the future, balancing between the fine and the raw.

A trademark is the use of rough precious stones and crafted metal textures. All pieces are handmade and all materials are 100 % natural and obtained in accordance to environmental preservation. Bjørg celebrates art dedicating one of the jewelry lines to the surrealist artist Dora Maar, better known as Picasso’s dark-haired model and companion in the late 1930s than for her astonishing works.

The goal of the Icudal jewelry brand is to give everyone the opportunity to wear unique and personalized creations that differ from the others in terms of design and materials. Thus, in the skilled hands of the Italian artisans, unconventional jewels of original design are born.

Each step, entirely manual, of the production of Ossi di Seppia jewels has aim to create unique and unrepeatable objects. The cuttlefish’s bone, used as a creative tool, allows to obtain unique objects in their genre because a mold can be used only for a single casting, making each piece unique. The uniqueness combines perfectly with the design and creativity that finds inspiration in the travels and in the imagination of the founder.

Quite Quiet is a new Berlin based jewelry label that combines fresh aesthetic and innovative manufacturing processes with an eye on sustainability with the intention to create jewelry that people cherish and keep close for a long time. Uniting traditional jewelry craftsmanship and digital product design capabilities allows Quite Quiet to achieve sophisticated and highly refined forms that push the boundaries of traditional Fine Jewelry.

Effortlessly beautiful designs by Sheida Farrokhi give a feel of complex sculptural forms and high manufacturing skills. Her brand is known for carving modern designs by pairing geometric shapes in unexpected ways to give the feeling of 21st century fashion to the wearer.

Simona Randazzo makes jewelry according to the leitmotif of elegance, refinement and simplicity. Rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces with precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds follow the path of minimalism. Simplicity and lightness, in fact, is part of the philosophy of the designer, together with the attention to detail and innovative forms.

Sophie d’Agon is a new french jewelry brand full of finesse, 18 k gold and precious colored stones, such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds. All the pieces are handmade which makes each jewel unique, contemporary but timeless at the same time. Influenced by ancient Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian jewels, the designer creates her own color associations that break the schemes of the traditional codes of making jewelry.

The concept of the french brand 0.88 is based on 0.88 mm which is the exact meeting point of subtlety, fragility and extreme resistance. Delicate and minimal pieces are designed and crafted in France. The radical aesthetic of the brand is all about about the powerful message rather than meaningless ornament.