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In May when we were in New York City,  we got a chance to meet an amazing woman, Lyn Slater, the blogger behind Accidental Icon. And we totally fell in love with Lyn’s personality, her style and her points of view regarding not only fashion but also self expression through it and life in general.


Lyn is a woman turned into fashion icon about two years ago at the age of just a bit over 60. Her story as a blogger begins when she meets a friend during the New York Fashion Week while wearing a Yamamoto suit where she attracts crowds of people that begin to take pictures of her believing that she is kind of a fashion person or something. That’s how Accidental Icon was born. And that’s how a full time social welfare professor at Fordham University has become a blogger.


Well yes, Lyn has always been into fashion, even being a part of academic life, she has always added some flair to what she was wearing at work. She even took courses at FIT (Fashion Insitute of Technology in New York) just for fun,  always seeking to express her creativity and learn more about fashion. Long researches made online to find something that was interesting and appealing from a fashion and cultural point of view made her create a personal niche where to express creativity and do some writing that could be appealing to other urban  and  intellectual women, that enjoy art and culture as herself.

Lyn is really very inspiring and leaves you with a sense of passion and curiosity about the world and a strong will to always grow as a person.

So here’s our interview with Accidental Icon:

In a couple of years you became a fashion icon with lots of followers on social media, a style influencer not only for women your age but also for younger generations. How did that happen and how do you feel about it today, what inspires you to go on?

I am not sure I fully understand what happened and still remained surprised about it but I do have a few thoughts. First I think that people were getting a little tired of celebrities and so I happened to come on the scene when people were looking for something different and I think more authentic. I also think some of the boundaries of fashion  about age, gender, body type etc. are starting to loosen up so it was a good time for an older woman to come to fashion. I think the other thing is I have tried to be inclusive and not just speak to older people and I think that my attitude and reinvention story has universal appeal. My inspiration is the incredibly creative talented and creative people I have met (like yourself, Oh thank you, Lyn, we are very inspired by you too!:)) as I have become a part of this world, the city I live in and the designers I met who offer me new perspectives.


What does it mean for you being Yourself?

I think it means being true to your ethics and values, being honest and direct and not doing something that is not genuine to who you are and your personality. I am also far from perfect and I accept both my strengths and limitations. I will never wear something or post about a product that I would not wear in my every day life of being a professor, a partner, a mother and and a grandmother.

How does your job as a Social Welfare Professor at the university influence your fashionable side and vice versa? How do you combine them?

I have worked very hard to be an inspiring teacher. I prepare extensively, I keep current with knowledge and technology and I am always trying to develop creative ways to deliver the curriculum. These attributes and the positive feedback I get from students about having them have all been employed to developing my blog and other social media. I have always felt that I wanted students to get beyond the stereotypes about our profession and see that you can be smart, engaging, creative, fashionable and so I have always dressed in an aspirational way as a professor. They are interchangeable sides for me because clothing is such an integral part of how I express my identity that I do not see them as seperate things. So they combine naturally, it is just how I am in the world.


What’s your daily routine? How do you start your day?

I wakeup and drink a glass of water, wash my face and have a cup of coffee. I am most productive early in the morning so I get up early and work anywhere from 2-3 hours on university or Accidental Icon business. I make myself a delicious protein smoothie. I then look at my calendar, see what I have going on and then choose my clothing accordingly. I love to walk so I usually leave with enough time to walk to the places I need to go that day. During the week I am usually at University for some part of the day and weekends are now for photoshoots, other content development activities and time for family and friends.

You always wear standout earrings. What’s your relationship with accessories and jewelry in particular? What type of jewelry you prefer to wear – avantgarde, experimental, precious etc?

Because I wear predominately black and white I really add boldness to my look through my sunglasses, earrings and make-up, like a red lip. I absolutely prefer to wear more avant garde pieces of jewelry. I prefer silver and never wear gold. When I wear silver I want it to be sculptural and one of a kind. I love pearls, moonstones and beautifully cut gemstones but not strung beads.


When we met you at Black Cat Cafè in NYC recently you mentioned your would like to create a capsule collection for a jewelry brand. What type of jewelry would it be? Can you reveal some details?

The collection would be fabricated in silver, very architectural with large earrings, rings and cuffs. Despite the size there would be a feeling of lightness, space and weightlessness. If there are gemstones they would be suspended as if they we flying over the jewelry rather than part of it.


White shirts. We see you wearing them frequently. What’s so intriguing about them?

They are like a blank canvas that I can sculpt and layer lots of black clothing under, over and around.

What’s your personal Fashion Icon?

My grandmother was.


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