Madiso Jewelry: Underwater Dream

contemporary jewelry gioielli contemporanei

Madiha Muzaffar, the jewelry designer behind the brand Madiso, born in Islamabad, Pakistan, was always impressed and influenced by the raw nature around her, driving her towards developing her artistic skills and essentially her organic aesthetic.

She came to Dubai in 2001 and has worked in multiple disciplines of art over the past 15 years. Dubai has played an important role in her artistic existence and development, enabling her to gain wide knowledge and awareness through its multicultural and ever evolving state.

Madiso is primarily a luxe fashion accessories label – handmade in Dubai. Pushing the boundaries of the conventional and constantly experimenting with current and classic trends from all over the world, to create something entirely unique.

contemporary jewelry gioielli contemporanei

Each jewelry design is a unique formation of organic shapes carefully hand crafted by skilled artisansA vast range of materials are painstakingly sourced for every individual design, comprising of semi-precious natural stones, beads, Swarovski crystals, acrylic, metal, mesh, and more.


My ever-present fascination with nature is the thread that runs though all my designs and collections – organic shapes and natural stones being the DNA of the brand.

The Spring Summer 17 collection “Acqua” is no exception. Inspired by the ocean and underwater life, it celebrates the magic and mystery of the ocean, dreamy shapes, contours and immense beauty that it holds.

Comprised of three main elements, “Acqua” takes you on a journey through magical light reflections, picturesque and vibrant coral reefs and indulgent imaginings of the buried treasure that lies in wait in the unseen depths of the ocean.


contemporary jewelry gioielli contemporanei

Light reflections under the water’s surface create the most beautiful shapes and illusions – complicated crystalized webs. Those reflections are translated into abstract shapes and designs incorporating large angular Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones.

Coral Reef

contemporary jewelry gioielli contemporanei

Coral is one of the most mesmerizing elements of the sea; its organic shapes and vibrant colours are ever evolving and changing. Heavily embroidered pieces incorporating intricate beadwork are encrusted with crystals and semi precious stones.

Buried Treasure

contemporary jewelry gioielli contemporanei

The imagination of the designer runs wild with the fascination of what treasures lay buried, undiscovered inship wrecks deep in the depths of the ocean – vintage pieces and Victorian jewels. These are Madiso renditions of the found jewels, crystalized chokers and necklaces with semi precious stones, crystal and pearl drops.

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