Metalepsis Jewellery: Exploratory Concept

Metalepsis Jewellery

Metalepsis is a bi-coastal design collaboration between former architects Victoria Cho and Astrid Chastka who strive to re-imagine the influences of art, architecture, and science into exploratory conceptual jewelry. A high-tech low maintenance approach imbues clean-lined pieces with rational elegance, elemental boldness, and a refined confidence.

Metalepsis Jewellery

“We seek unexpected and dynamic forms that emerge from the balance of technological innovation and natural sensibility”, – says the designer duo.

The Orbital Edition – a continuos exploration of shape, concept and material

The Orbital Edition is inspired by molecular compositions and the physics of sound, such as frequencies and wavelengths, and the instruments that produce them. Orbits and vibrations were analyzed at all scales from atomic to planetary, and their forms and functions were translated into modern, intelligent statement pieces that are an elegant mix of art and science.

Metalepsis Jewellery

Unusual shapes are punctuated by new material developments using engineered stone (natural stone powderized and reconstituted to make a stronger, more flexible aggregate) and DLC finishing (a durable, black carbon-finish used on tools and equipment to strengthen and reduce friction).

The use of technology is balanced with a natural sensibility by allowing many materials to remain raw and unfinished. Bronze pieces keep the original patinas with which they emerge from the casting mold, and rather than high-polishing our stones we sand them and give them a light coating of monoi oil for sheen and protection.

The Orbital Edition seeks to visually express the underlying levels of molecular structure and energy that connect us all.

CollectionThe Kinetic Edition” – interlocking parts

Seeking to create an edition of moveable parts, Metalepsis turned to the master of Kinetic Art and Abstraction for guidance. Metalepsis Jewellery
The Kinetic Edition re-works some of Alexander Calder’s design principles into their own concepts of interlocking, moveable and uncommon forms. Pieces in the KINETIC EDITION push the boundaries of 3D modeling and production by utilizing “interlocking parts printing” where multiple parts that link or interlock can be printed or cast at the same time.

The designers also continue to explore unusual materials by offering some pieces made of stainless steel infused with bronze alongside their characteristic unfinished bronze and brass designs.

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