White Bijoux: Contemporary Jewelry at Milan Fashion Week

Contemporary jewelry continues to be present at White Milano with a selection of research bijoux and avant-garde creations. The area “White Bijoux” in via Tortona 35 hosts 19 brands, carefully selected from the collaboration between White and Birik Butik–jewelry explorer.


All the exhibiting brands stand out for their uniqueness, each with its own personality, craft techniques, their own story and inspirations.


ALEX MONROE jewelry is feminine, delicate and quirky, but above all consistently wearable. Each and every piece is individually designed and handmade in England by Alex and his team. His love for the natural world continues to provide an inspiration. A fondness for the eccentricities of Englishness provides a touch of humour and nostalgia, while a fascination with the intricacies of making things ensures superb craftsmanship.


Alex Monroe
Earrings Alex Monroe

ANNA E ALEX has a firm bond with antique artistic excellences and Italy’s artisanal tradition, where the creativity, entrusted to the experience and talent of selected artisans, gives life to an infinite combination of unique shapes and hues that characterize their handcrafted, colourful and light ornaments. The new Tulipani Decò collection is dedicated to tulips, that represent perfect, eternal and selfless love. Resin frames enclose decorative enameled elements inspired by the world of Nature, delicately set on unconventional fabrics.

Anna e Alex
Earrings Anna e Alex

BJØRG has a conceptual and sensible approach to design, the brand’s collections draw inspiration from the wonders of nature, past myths and visions of the future, that merged together create modern relics, always looking to push the limits for what a piece of jewellery can be. There is a certain darkish, raw and organic feeling to all her work, reflecting her Nordic soul, always aiming to balance the raw and the refine. Focusing on the rare beauty of imperfection, her trademark has become the use of rough precious stones in combination with crafted metal textures.

Necklace Bjorg
Necklace Bjorg

DARIO SCAPITTA combines digital and hand manufacturing giving birth to complex yet contemporary and elegant jewelry pieces. Simple and pure forms of the new collection Monolite, manufactured 3d printed stainless steel plated in 4 different colors, are inspired by stones. The jewelry captures the essence of these natural elements underlining their power and force, their eternal connection with the Nature and the origin of the Earth.

Anelli Dario Scapitta
Rings Dario Scapitta

Modern, elegant and sophisticated jewels by ELLAPOLO stand out for their strong and expressive impact as well as their decorative features. The jewelry represents the research on shape where free-hand drawn designs give them a handcrafted touch. Inspired by floral and abstract patterns, with soft and stylized outlines they shine on the body through a play of light and movement of the harmonious velvety surface ornaments.

Bracciali Ellapolo
Cuffs Ellapolo

FLAMINIA BAROSINI jewelry is entirely handmade using the ancient lost-wax technique. Little sculptures to wear are embellished with precious and semi-precious stones. Fluid amniotic traces and materic alchemies outline the new collection Origins.
The outcome is a personal visionary alphabet highlighted by vividly innovative chromatic vibes.


Anelli di Flaminia Barosini
Rings Flaminia Barosini


GEMMA ALUS embodies both vintage and contemporary allure creating daring and unique designs, mixed and matched with strong and feminine details.

Orecchini Gemma Alus
Earrings Gemma Alus


GIULIA BOCCAFOGLI creates body ornaments using fine Italian leather, carefully and personally selected and deriving exclusively from unused stock funds: she regenerates the material which, in this way, has a second life. Unique pieces that seem to come from a submerged imaginary made of ink, deep dimmed lights and velvety fluids of swamp. A style in the middle between the modern decadence, characterized by waves, drapes and soft lines and the tribal, with thin, suffused fetish calls.

Collana Giulia Boccafogli
Necklace Giulia Boccafogli

Delicate but glamorous ISHWARA pieces are easy-to-wear, seductive and elegant. Influenced by designer’s background in the jewelry world, pieces are inspired by the fashion world, art and nature. Everyday pieces, significant enough to be worn alone but delicate enough to wear layered together, are the perfect alchemy of style and femininity.

Bracciale Ishawa
Cuff Ishawa

Love for ceramics and passion for jewelry design give birth to hand shaped using white clay creations by JAMAIS SAN TOI.  All pieces are entirely handmade using the world’s oldest techniques together with a modern study of shapes, volumes and colors. The new collection Kiowa is inspired by geometry and space, giving life to the constellations to wear.

Collana Jamais Sans Toi
Necklace Jamais Sans Toi


The philosophy behind the jewelry Être Différent is daring to be different. The jewels with a rock soul, but at the same time feminine and sensual, for a bold personality that does not hide her many facets. The collections are made of silver and leather.

Gioielli L'Etrè Different
Jewelry by L’Etrè Different

The jewelry designer behind the brand MADISO was always impressed and influenced by the raw nature around her, driving her towards developing her artistic skills and organic aesthetic. Ever-present fascination with nature is the thread that runs through all the collections – organic shapes and natural stones being the DNA of the brand.

Collana Madiso
Necklace Madiso

The designer duo MI-JA creates geometric and linear jewels enhancing the purity of the shapes. The research of simplicity characterizes the brand’s soul, convinced that the essence of a jewel is in its pure form.

Bracciale Mi-Ja
Cuff Mi-Ja

Refined and clean lines of MVP jewelry express the desire to renew the canons of traditional jewelry transforming them into something more contemporary without overlooking the attention to details and the constant research of materials. The final result is  a product with a strong personality, combining fine materials and design for a new sense of aesthetics.

Anello MVP
Ring MVP


Logical elements are blended together with elegant lines generating contemporary jewelry creations by NOSHI. The use of different materials like brass, onyx and hematite, is a way to create an original and extremely feminine type of jewelry. Elegant yet playful aesthetic: each piece of the new collection Origami is adaptable and can transform into another piece of jewelry.

Gioielli Noshi
Jewelry by Noshi

O.YANG’s iconic, distinctly elegant style blends classically glamorous ideals with cutting-edge fashion for a truly unique aesthetic. Inspiration is derived from designer’s affinity for Art Decò, modern art, and traditional Asian culture, a passion that mingles with an attractive and elegant forward-thinking vision.

Collana di O.Young
Necklace O.Young

OPELLA creates contemporary, light and refined design collections, coming from research and experimentation with new materials. The jewelry is made with pure cotton paper and cellulose fiber, aluminum, steel and Murano glass beads, challenging the designer duo to craft accessories that are far from the classic concept of precious jewelry, without losing the elegance and originality.

bijoux gioiello contemporaneo birik butik
Choker Opella

PEPPER CHOCOLATE brand’s identity comes from the experience of highly skilled jewelry craftsmen, cutting edge design and research of materials.
The result is a unique product characterized by its detailed and meticulous craftsmanship.
 The stand out pieces are made of plated brass, embellished with enamel and crystals, natural or semi-precious stones.

bijoux gioiello birik butik
Rings Pepper Chocolate

The ROSIE KENT brand is inspired by old-fashioned elegance but created for an avant-garde attitude. Incorporating traditional setting and mounting techniques but using the latest technology, her work continues to push the boundaries of 3D printing and casting. Caged forms are prominent throughout the new collection XO where the skeletal forms and structures are heavily textured giving the shapes an ancient, primeval feel.

Gioielli Rosie Kent
Jewelry Rosie Kent


White Bijoux in via Tortona 35, Milan from 25th to 27th  of February 2017.

More info: www.whiteshow.it